Exploring the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the most powerful inner force driving human behavior, reactions, emotions, and synchronization. It defines all of our reactions and automatic actions that occur without us realizing unless we make an effort to do so. It is not in focal awareness but is in the background allowing all human interaction and actions to occur.

Your subconscious mind regulates many of the body’s functions including your heartbeat, breaths, and your nervous system. When the subconscious mind is acting correctly, your body functions in complete harmony without you thinking about it. Below are a couple of exercises to access the subconscious mind and explore it through relaxation techniques.

Spend Time in Quiet Places

Spending time with yourself is one of the best ways to get to know and understand your subconscious mind. When you are surrounded by distractions and other people, you are not thinking about your subconscious mind as it is working for you. You are focused on reacting to others rather than reflecting upon yourself.

By focusing on your breath and experiencing pure relaxation, fears and worries from your subconscious mind will most likely begin to appear. Rather than stressing about them and getting caught up in your thoughts, this is the time to understand them and begin to let them go.

This practice of relaxation allows you to dive deep into your subconscious mind and understand the thoughts that you carry in the back of your head throughout the day. As you practice this relaxation more frequently, you will learn how to get rid of these thoughts and shape them into positive ones.


Visualization techniques are one of the most important ways to achieve your goals and reach a level of success. By understanding your subconscious mind, you can train it to deliver your dreams and let go of the fears holding you back.

When athletes experience mental blocks and fear, it is a result of their subconscious mind blocking them from their dreams. Athletes often use visualization techniques before competitions and games in order to tap into their subconscious mind and train it for success.

By imagining yourself attaining your goals and dreams, you have shifted your perception to a different reality that will allow you to let go of the fears and things that are holding you back.

Your conscious brain is where you can imagine and think things through, but your subconscious mind takes these thoughts and does not get distracted by them. Your subconscious mind is what allows you to believe in yourself and reach your goals.

Identify Subconscious Thoughts

Identifying and reflecting upon thoughts that come about through visualization and relaxation is the best way to train and develop your subconscious mind to work for you. One way to reflect upon these thoughts is to create a journal where you write down these thoughts when they appear.

For example, if you feel afraid frequently write down where you are each time it occurs and the thoughts that are appearing in your head. This way you can question them and ask yourself how you can improve and change these thoughts. This self-reflection allows you to understand your fears and things that are holding you back in order to shift your perspectives.

Exploring your subconscious mind is the best way to let go of fears, mental blocks, and constant stresses. By reflecting upon the thoughts that come into your head and why they are appearing, you can listen to your mind and act accordingly. These exercises require practice and time, but they will teach you how you can be successful and why you are holding back.